The Prefect of Saône et Loire comes to contradict the Saône et Loire Fishing Federation

The Prefect of Saône et Loire comes to contradict the Saône et Loire Fishing Federation

For our fishermen friends, we will have to wait a little longer before taking out the rods and other casts. On the question of the reopening of fishing on Monday, the Prefect of Saône et Loire wanted to be much less assertive than the Fishing Federation.So no, Monday, fishing will not be allowed again in Saone et Loire. A situation that should be unblocked in a few days. However, the rule of 1 m distance should be strengthened for fishermen with “why not 10 meters” did not exclude the representative of the State.


Following the intervention of the Prime Minister and the confirmation of the progressive deconfinement as of 11 May, fishing, an individual outdoor sport, is once again possible in France, subject to compliance with the rules of social distancing.

In the department of Saône-et-Loire, there was still a specific decree prohibiting fishing during the period of confinement, and the work that we carried out upstream with our supervisory administration made it possible to lift this decree.

Fishing will therefore be allowed from Monday morning, May 11th (1st and 2nd category). While there is no doubt about river fishing, there are unfortunately still some questions about lake fishing .

It will also be necessary to respect certain rules, as the health situation requires.

Fishing for carnivorous fish will be possible, with the exception of black bass, whose fishing is currently closed (breeding season).

According to a note from Voie Navigable de France, nautical activities including fishing (boat, float tube, kayak) will also be authorised on the waterways.

In the meantime, get your gear now. If you’re new to fishing, this will be a good opportunity to equip yourself, but be smart and preserve the environment so buy second-hand equipment.


The health situation in France and particularly in our department is worrying, so we must remain extremely vigilant and prudent in the practice of our activity.

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